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Welcome to the on-line Act 48 Professional Education Record Management System. While this site will work at any resolution, it is best viewed with at least 800x600.
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Educator Options
 Get your Professional Personnel ID
 View Continuing Education Progress for Professional Personnel ID  Go
View current course offerings
View approved providers
Provider Options are only available through the ePDE Web Portal
Provider Information
 MS Excel spreadsheet template for Roster submission
 Rules for Roster Creation in Excel
 Rules for Roster Creation in XML
 For ePDE Web Portal registration instructions, click the Teaching tab at the top of the PDE Homepage, then click the Act 48/Continuing Professional Education link on the left side of the Teaching in Pennsylvania screen.
 Interested in becoming an approved provider? Check here and look for Approved Provider Guidelines.
 In addition, Out-of-state providers should first consult this information.
 The Act 48 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) provides answers to general questions.
 If you have any comments you feel we should know, please e-mail at:
PERMS V2 Version 1.0
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